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Senate Bill 783 on Fast Track Through Michigan Senate

Senate Bill 783 seems to be on the fast track through the Michigan Senate. The Bill seeks to amend Section 7 of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act limiting where individual patients and caregivers can grow and use marijuana to aleviate their debilitating medical conditions. Specifically the bill would allow landlords of private residental property to prohibit patients and caregivers, through the leasing documents, from growing marijuana and smoking it on the property.

The Bill is troublesome for many of those protected by Michigan's Medical Marihuana Act. Specifically, Section 4 of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act prohibits Patients and Caregivers from being denied any "right or privilege" for engaging in the "medical use" of marihuana. The term "medical use" is defined in Michigan's Medical Marihuana Act to include those things that Senator Jones seeks to limit in SB 783--namely the smokiing and growing of medical marihuana.

Senator Jones recently said that "if this is going to be medicine then lets treat it like medicine.". However, other than SB 783, there is no other law that prohibits people from using or keeping any other medicine for which they have a prescription, in their home. Additionally, there is no authority for any landlord to prohibit a tenant from using any medication as a condition of renting from that landlord.

The proposed bill can be read by clicking here.

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