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Going without a plan for the management and administration of your estate can have devastating consequences.  For many people, obtaining an estate plan that meets their needs is cost prohibitive, time consuming, or both.  We are determined to change that through an innovative billing structure, convenient appiontment times, and a majority of your involvement can be done right from your house.   

For a flat fee of $500 you will receive a comprehensive estate plan comprising of the following:


1.  A consultation with a lawyer who specializes in this area of law. 

2.  A trust, will, powers of attorney and a final meeting to review and execute the documents and any combination to satisfy your needs. 

3. Documents necessary to effectuate the transfer of your primary residence into the trust and a letter that will detail how to transfer other assets, such as bank and investment accounts into your trust. 

4.  If you are a business owner and want a succession plan or you want to convey your business interest to your family in your estate plan, please let us know in advance so we set aside additional time to discuss your options at the initial consultation.  Depending on the complexity, there will be an additional charge of $300. 


If you have an estate plan and need an amendment or if you only need powers of attorney, I will do a one-hour consultation for $150 to determine what you would like to have done.  After you decide what you would like to have done, the consultation fee of $150 will be applied to the cost of the work. 


Step 1:  Set an Appointment

Step 2:  Complete this Form and Bring it With You

Step 3: Meet Your New Estate Plan Attorney Kristin Arnett

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